Neighborhood Enhancement Program

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Neighborhood Enhancement Program Information

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) is designed to help keep homeowners in their homes.  The Neighborhood Enhancement Program assists by helping low to moderate income homeowners with repairs needed to address code violations and enhance the property values in the City’s residential neighborhoods.

How the Program Works

First, Homeowner presents a list of work needs to be done.  Emphasis is on repairs that improve health and safety, but aesthetic improvements to exterior are also allowed.  Homeowner and City then agree on what items will be funded. Homeowner then picks from a list of approved contractors.  Homeowner must get bids from three of these.  Once the contractor is selected, the homeowner then arranges to have the work done.  The City will verify that the work was done and pay the contractor.  City will then place a lien on the property to guarantee the homeowner remains for five years. After five years the lien is released.  If homeowner fails to remain in the home for the five-year period the lien can be released by reimbursing the City on a pro-rata basis.

Who is eligible?

Owners whose household income, for everyone over 18 years, is no greater than:

Your household’s income for 2020:

Family of 1 — no greater than $47,550

Family of 2 — no greater than $54,350

Family of 3 — no greater than $61,150

Family of 4 — no greater than $67,900

Family of 5 — no greater than $73,350

Family of 6 — no greater than $78,800

Family of 7 — no greater than $84,200

Family of 8 — no greater than $89,650

What are the Program Requirements?

 The Property must be within Green Park city limits

 The Property must have significant code deficiencies or need significant improvements

 The Property must be single family residence dwelling

 The Property must be insured

 The Property must be maintained as an owner-occupied residence

 Current owner(s) must have lived at the Property address at least one (1) year immediately prior to applying

 The Property is not located within floodplain or floodway

 The Property has active city provided trash service and utilities

 The Property does not have any delinquent taxes, liens, assessments, or other fees due to the City or any other taxing district

 Applicants may only participate in the program once per five-year period

 Assistance is provided on a “first come, first served” basis to eligible applicants

 Assistance is subject to availability of funding


How much assistance is available?

 Maximum assistance per home is $5,000 Life Time