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The City of Green Park is strategically located in the suburban south St. Louis County area between I-55, Lindbergh Boulevard, Tesson Ferry Road and the Gateway Trailnet property. Incorporated as a city in 1995, The City of Green Park has a total land area of 1.35 square miles and a population of 2,622 as of the 2010 U.S. Census. Green Park is a great place to live, work, raise a family or have a business.

We are a thriving community with peaceful residential neighborhoods, a beautifully designed industrial park known as Green Park Commerce Center, and the Officer Blake C. Snyder Memorial Park (formerly called Clydesdale Park) which is owned and operated by Saint Louis County. The City also has a variety of restaurants and is close to shopping and public transportation. We boast a commercial base of over 300 businesses, and the City does not impose a business license fee.

The City of Green Park is served by two public school districts, Lindbergh School District and Mehlville School District, as well as parochial education. Green Park contracts with the Saint Louis County Police Department for all of the policing needs. Fire protection and paramedic services are provided by the Mehlville Fire Protection District. The City provides residential trash, recyclable and yard waste service at no cost to its residents.

Please take a moment to explore our website. Your feedback, ideas and involvement are an important part of our community. We welcome your comments.


Hello Green Park residents!  Thanks to all of you who voted in the April elections.  I am succeeding an extraordinarily good man, Bob Reinagal.  Bob voluntarily took over as mayor after his predecessor had to step down with serious health issues and subsequently was reelected 3 times.  He ambitiously took the gavel and ran with it.  There were many ongoing projects that Bob lead us all through and he continued to move the City forward with his new ideas and leadership.  Please join me in thanking Bob for his leadership and guidance during his time in office.

 As a lifelong resident of South St Louis County, I am humbled by my election to serve you as Mayor of Green Park.  Formerly, I served as Alderman for the second ward for 12 years.  We now welcome Matt Farwig as my newly elected successor as second ward Alderman; good luck Matt, and thank you.

  My family has resided in this area for many decades, long before the incorporation of the City of Green Park. I knew and still remember the many farmers whose parcels dotted this area so long ago; the Kohrs brothers, the Barbagellos, Ms. Mary Walker, Herpals, Krechi, Fuchs, Muellers, Gapsch, my grandfather Bill Sorg and so many other fine, strong people of the highest character.  This area in which Green Park now sits, has a rich and very strong heritage and with your help, I hope to continue this legacy. 

  My plans are to help bring back the strength of growing up in a neighborhood where we know each other’s families well and have the confidence that we can rely on each other for the common good.  As a young boy, my friends, siblings and I were so often watched over and protected by our neighbors.  We knew who lived where, who we could count on and which folks caused the trouble. There is no reason we together can’t rediscover this strength of neighborly unity. I’d also like to put a spotlight on our City’s many businesses and the services they could provide for our residents.  

Again, thank you, and I encourage any comments or problems that I can help to rectify.

                                                           Tim Thuston 




Summer is underway, and that means our 2019 Street Replacement Project in the Cedarberry Parke is soon to begin. At the time of publication, the staging and schedule is not yet finalized, however, by the time this is reaching your homes and businesses, the schedule should be posted on the City’s website along with addition information on the project. Please check back regularly as details will be updated as they become available.

 MSD recently announced at a Stormwater Capital Funding meeting that they are potentially reactivating Operation, Maintenance, and Construction Improvement (OMCI) Funding Districts across the County to fund capital stormwater projects – the whole of Green Park falls within the Gravois Creek District. These Districts have already been authorized in the past to levy property taxes at a certain rate (0.076 per $100 assessed value, or $76 annually per $100,000 value in the Gravois Creek District). MSD has voluntarily reduced these levy rates to 0 in recent years, but has the authority to reactivate them with a vote of the MSD Board of Directors. If the District is reactivated, the taxes would become effective at the end of 2020. It is not an all or nothing proposal, some Districts may be activated, others may not be.

 MSD is proposing to reactivate these districts to address a list of identified stormwater capital projects – there are 67 projects identified in the Gravois Creek District with a total combined Conceptual Project Cost of just over $55 million. Before taking any action, however, MSD is soliciting local government and resident input on whether or not the Districts should be activated, and the manner in which the funds will be spent, and have identified 3 general options. “Option 0” is that the District does not activate the property tax. “Option 1” is that the District taxes will be activated and MSD will collect the funds and spend them on that District’s project list in priority order. “Option 2” is that MSD will retain 50% of the taxes collected in each district to address that District’s project list in priority order, the other 50% will be returned to each of the municipalities and unincorporated St. Louis County to be spent on stormwater projects of their own choosing.

 MSD will be hosting a meeting in the area in late July or August to provide more information and answer any questions. However, at the time of publishing, the time and location for this meeting has not been set by MSD. When it is available we will post it on the City’s website, please check there for more information, or contact City Hall with any questions.

                                                                                             James Mello

                                             City Administrator / City Clerk





I want to touch on some safety tips as our residents enjoy the summer season:

   1)  Reminder to provide your child with a safety helmet while they ride their bicycles.

   2)  Reminder to not block the sidewalks with your vehicles.  While PO Hester and I patrol the neighborhoods, we will be looking for vehicles blocking the sidewalks, and may cite those residents not in compliance.  This is a hazard to those residents enjoying a walk or bike ride. 

The Neighborhood Watch Program continues to be a success.  PO Hester and I plan to meet with some more neighborhood Captains very soon.  We appreciate everyone doing their part to keep our community safe.  Please continue to call us with any criminal activity or suspicious behavior.  As a reminder, my email is jhake@stlouisco.com.



                                            Patrolman Jeremy Hake, DSN 3594

                                            Affton-Southwest Precinct

                                            City of Green Park

                                         Office: (314) 894-7336

                                         Precinct:  (314) 615-4266

                                         Non-Emergency Police #:  (636) 529-8210


Public Notices & Announcements














5 – 7 PM




We will be hosting an open house this Monday, October 21, 2019 from 5 to 7 PM at City Hall (11100 Mueller Rd., Suite 5) regarding upcoming work on Mueller Rd. in 2020. There will be a short presentation at 5:30 PM, but staff and engineers will be on hand to discuss the project and any questions you may have until 7 PM. 


 As you may or may not already be aware, Mueller Rd. will be completely resurfaced and have sidewalk improvements completed using a Federal Grant (80% Federal Funds, 20% City Funds) in 2020. 


 I understand that there has been a lot of slow-moving work on the street this year, and I would like to reiterate that the work was NOT performed by the City or its subcontractors – the work was performed by Missouri American Water to replace a degrading water main prior to the resurfacing. The work was coordinated with the City to avoid any unnecessary excavations in the improved road surface once the work is completed next year. As you likely have noticed in the past years, there were numerous water main replacements each winter that would leave uneven surfaces for weeks. 


 It is our hope that after a lot of work and inconvenience, there will be a superior and consistent drive surface for years to come. 


 I would encourage you to attend, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall – 314-894-7336 or via email at jmello@cityofgreenpark.com. 


                                                            James Mello                                                                                                    City Administrator / City Clerk 






Tentative Agenda 


Board of Aldermen 




 Green Park City Hall 


11100 Mueller Road, suite 5 




October 21, 2019 








5 PM to 7 PM – Open house regarding Mueller Rd. resurfacing project in 2020




Regular Meeting:


 1.  Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the Board of Aldermen Meeting of September 16, 2019.


2.   Citizens Comments & Petition


3.   Reports of Officers & Committees:


      3.1  Mayor & Board of Aldermen


      3.2  City Attorney


      3.3  City Engineer/Building Commissioner


      3.4  City Administrator/City Clerk


      3.5  Treasurer Report


      3.6  County Police Report


  4.  Unfinished Business:




 5.  New Business: 






     5.3   Community Room Flooring – Discussion and review of bids


 6.  Citizens Comments & Petitions


 7.   Miscellaneous 


 8.  Adjournment.




 Notice is hereby given that, subject to a motion duly made and adopted, the Board of Aldermen may also hold a closed meeting for the purpose of dealing with matters relating to one or more of the following:  Legal actions, causes of action, litigation or privileged communications between the City’s representatives and its attorney (610.021(1)); leasing, purchasing, or sale of real-estate (610.021(2)); hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting employees (610.021(3)). 


 The City of Green Park is working to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates. Individuals who require an accommodation to participate in the Meeting should contact the City Administrator/City Clerk at 314-894-7336 (Fax 314-894-7337) or Relay Missouri at 1-800-735-2966 (TBD) at least two working days prior to the Meeting.














   RED – Areas are completed


  BLUE – Excavation will start Friday, 10/11/19












The MSD Board is seeking input on reactivation of property taxes for OMCI (Operation, Maintenance, and Construction Improvements)  Subdistricts.  Please contact City Hall with any questions, comments, or opinions.  Click on the following link for information:


  Reactivation of Property Taxes for OMCI Subdistricts





 NO COST Home Improvement for Green Park Resident Homeowners


St. Louis County Government’s Home Improvement Program is offering up to $5,000 worth of home repairs for eligible Green Park homeowners, at NO COST.  Eligible items would include roofing; electrical; plumbing; heating; air-conditioning; hot water heater; tuck-pointing; hand rail installation; concrete, asphalt, & masonry; tree trimming or removal; and foundation work.


 Qualification Criteria:

 You must own the home and live in the home, your property taxes have to be current, you cannot have participated in the program previously, and your total household’s income must be within the following Income Limits (which is the Adjusted Gross Income  listed on your 2018 Federal U.S. Individual Income Tax Return)::

   Family of 1 — less than $45,550

   Family of 2 — less than $52,050

   Family of 3 — less than $58,550

   Family of 4 — less than $65,050

   Family of 5 — less than $70,300

   Family of 6 — less than $75,500

   Family of 7 — less than $80,700

   Family of 8 — less than $85,900

 Senior Citizens – Please Note:   For Senior Citizens, many times some of your Social Security income is not included in the Adjusted Gross Income figures listed on your Federal U.S. Income Tax Return (and therefore would not be counted in the figures listed above).

 Home Improvement Program is federally funded and operates through St. Louis County Government’s Department of Planning in conjunction with the City of Green Park.

  To apply, please call Debby at 314-615-4025.  TTY 1-800-735-2966.




END OF WATCH 10/06/16


The City of Green Park is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Officer Blake Snyder, killed in the line of duty serving the citizens of Green Park.  We stand with and send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and all his fellow St. Louis County police officers.  The St. Louis County Police Department and the outstanding officers of the Affton Precinct have been an integral part of the success of the City of Green Park from its beginning in 1995.  On behalf of the citizens of Green Park, we offer our support to all of the officers and cannot express enough our grief and sympathy during this difficult time.  In times like these, we are reminded of just how committed our officers are to serving and protecting us.

We encourage the citizens of Green Park to support P.O. Snyder’s family and to remember to express your appreciation to each of our police officers when you see them.  Donations to the family of Officer Snyder can be directed to either The BackStoppers Inc. or the St. Louis County Police Welfare Association and marked with “P.O. Blake Snyder” or “In honor of P.O. Blake Snyder.”